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Your home is your sanctuary, where you should always feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, burglaries and intrusions can happen anywhere, at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your family and property. One way to do this is by getting security camera installation in Whitby in strategic locations throughout your home. Doing so can deter potential intruders, monitor activity in and around your home, and have visual evidence in the event of a break-in or other incident.

What Are Some Hidden Places To Install CCTV At Home?

You must inform any individuals who may be monitored by the cameras and obtain their consent, if required by law, before getting the installation done. So, if you are thinking about where exactly you should install these cameras? In this blog, we’ll explore some hidden places in your home where you can get a hidden camera installation in Oshawa, Whitby.                 

1. Backyard Or Garden

A CCTV camera installed in your backyard or garden can provide an added layer of security, as these areas are often overlooked but can be vulnerable to intruders. The camera should be positioned to capture as much of the area as possible. Still, ensuring that it does not record footage outside your property boundaries is crucial. Additionally, it is necessary to consider the lighting in this area, as the camera will not be effective if the footage is too dark or obscured.

2. Driveway Or Parking Area

A CCTV camera installed by CCTV providers Oshawa in your driveway or parking area can provide a clear view of who is coming and going from your property. It can be especially useful if you live in a busy area or have a lot of foot traffic near your home. The camera should be positioned to capture the entire area, and it is noteworthy to ensure that it does not record any footage outside your property boundaries. Additionally, you may want to consider using motion detection technology to activate the camera when someone enters the area.

3. Hallways

It can be useful if you have multiple entry points or want to monitor who is coming and going from certain rooms. The camera should be positioned to capture the entire hallway. It must ensure that it does not record any footage of private areas, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

4. Stairways

A CCTV camera installed on a stairway can be useful for detecting intruders and monitoring any accidents that may occur on the stairs. Moreover, it would be best to consult with your family members before security camera installation and also communicate your requirements with the service providers for the best possible solutions.

5. Basement

Lastly, a camera installed in your basement can be useful for monitoring who is entering or exiting the area and detecting intruders attempting to break in through a basement window or door.

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