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Security cameras should be your topmost priority when buying any new property. Security camera installation in Whitby will reduce the risk of burglary and theft and keep your family safe and give you a real-time view of the space where they’re installed. According to a study, cameras are a good crime deterrent, and nearly sixty percent of burglars choose houses with no CCTV. Moreover, most countries are approaching securing public places by installing different types of security cameras. Therefore, if you’re also looking to install security cameras in your space and are clueless about types, then continue reading to know about them.

Types Of Cameras You Can Use At Your Home

Nowadays, the crime rate has increased vigorously, and security cameras play an active role in protecting your home from burglars. There are multiple types of residential security camera installation in Burlington. You can choose according to your preferences. Let’s read more about the top types of security cameras that we provide for the residential sector. 


HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). It is a video signal processing and transport technology that transmits video in HD security cameras. It is capable of transporting uncompressed high-definition video up to half a kilometer. TVI supports various fixed and varifocal lens options like other types of CCTV. A multifocal lens allows the installer to adjust the angle and zoom level of the lens. However, a fixed lens has a single setting called fixed and pre-focused. This type of camera is ideal for places requiring intrusion protection and video verification, such as yards, homes, garages, and many more.


This high-tech camera uses the internet to transmit a digital signal, so you can collect and watch from anywhere. These CCTV offer greater scalability and boast increased resolution. Plus, many of these Wi-Fi-enabled IP cameras come with video analytic software. Moreover, it consists of a 2.8mm fixed lens, IR 30m with true WDR(120dB), ICR, 3DNR, and a built-in mic, IVS. That’s why it is known as one of the best cameras for residential purposes. 


It is a pan tilt and zoom camera that can move left or right, up/down, and even allow the lens to be zoomed in/out. These CCTV are used in situations where you want to see what is happening around your home and detect any suspicious activity. Such security camera installation in Whitby will keep you informed about the activities. 

4. CAM-IP9055-AI

It is an AiBase series that provides a solution for various issues. It includes IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, Thermal, and a software platform offering your home’s high-level security. It is equipped with security technologies, such as secure authentication and authorization, access control, trusted protection, encrypted transmission, and encrypted storage, which improve its security defense and data safety and prevent malicious programs from invading the device. You can also opt for security camera installation for privacy purposes. 


It consists of deep learning algorithms that obtain human or vehicle target classification warnings to front- and back-end devices. Moreover, it is excellent for low-light areas as it has eight high-quality MP resolutions and FOV: 2.8 mm, horizontal FOV 111°, vertical FOV 59°, and diagonal FOV 131° lense. Besides, it is cool and unique because it is water and dust-resistant, which will remain unaffected even in harsh conditions like rain. 

Secure Your Home With CCTV Today! 

With the installation of CCTV, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe in your absence. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your loved ones with our high-quality cameras even when you’re sitting miles away from your loved ones. If you are looking for CCTV installation companies in North York, you can contact A.D.A. Audio Plus. We have cameras that can help make your home a secure place. Visit our website to finalize the camera according to your preferences. 

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