Why DIY Security System Installations Are A Bad Idea

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Why DIY Security System Installations are a Bad Idea

When it comes to the security and safety of your home and family, you want to invest in the best system to ensure it’s reliable for years to come. So when installing this system, why not trust professionals to get the job done correctly?

While the DIY or do it yourself approach certainly cuts down your installation costs, on the other hand, it adds to your expenses in different ways. To shed some light on the consequences of handling security system installations by yourself, A.D.A Audio Plus has listed a few likely outcomes of this approach. Keep reading to know why DIY security system installations are a bad idea.

1. Slips and falls
The installation of security systems can be challenging, based on the extent of your security needs. For example, if you want to add security cameras, you’ll need to install them at a height to capture wide angles. Without the right tools and skills, while installing your security cameras, you could misstep and experience a fall that could lead to severe injury.

2. Void warranty
Most security system components need to be installed by a registered professional to ensure they are set up as per manufacturer instructions and the State code. That way, if any system malfunction takes place, your warranty will protect you from replacement expenses. But, if you don’t have the necessary license to install security systems, you could end up making the warranty on your investment void.

3. Trouble with the law
Besides the loss of your product warranties, installing a security system without a license could result in hefty penalties during an inspection after a security breach. To obtain a security system installation license, one must undergo training in this field and possess the necessary electrical knowledge and experience.

4. Poor quality security
When installing a security system, you may not understand which parts of the system are fragile and need careful handling. As a result, you could damage vital and expensive optic cables, which reduces the quality and the function of the unit. And, fixing the dysfunctional system will cost twice as much as hiring a professional installer in the first place.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
To avoid challenges like these, it’s essential to work with a professional security installation company. However, while hiring this specialist, you need to choose an expert with knowledge of 12v electronics. That way, you can be sure that they know how to handle electronics in the same category as your security system and will do a good job.

Another factor you need to look out for when hiring these experts is their experience as installers. They will be able to address your questions and concerns better if they have sufficient experience. At the same time, with ample experience, they will be able to carry out their work efficiently, so your security system is reliable and lasts long.

The average cost of a security system installations usually ranges anywhere between $300 to $1000. The exact cost often depends on the extent of work required to complete the installation. If you want to know how much it will cost to meet your security system needs, get in touch with the experts at A.D.A Audio Plus today!

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