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CCTV cameras are helping homeowners and small businesses worldwide to keep their properties safe and secure. However, most owners never upgrade their cameras. Not getting timely upgrades from a security camera company in Oshawa may cost you more than you realize, from lower-quality images to frequent camera downtime and missing advanced features. Thus, to avoid such situations, replacing your old CCTV camera models with the latest upgraded techniques-based cameras is best. 

Read till the end to know about some of the reasons why you need to upgrade your old surveillance cameras and how a high-resolution security system will give you the peace of mind you need.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Not Upgrading Old CCTV Security Cameras?

Possible Drawbacks Of Not Upgrading Old CCTV Security Cameras

Not upgrading the security camera installation on time may include many hidden costs in the future. Here is a list of some drawbacks of not choosing an upgraded security camera system. Continue reading this blog to explore more.

1. Quality Of The Footage May Be Lowered

The technology used in the old security systems may be outdated and can’t be compared to the high-definition images produced by newer cameras. Moreover, the images produced by such cameras are notorious for producing terrible images in low lighting conditions making it difficult to identify individuals and objects in the footage.

2. Storage Capacity May Be Limited

As the system gets old, its storage capacity gets limited, which means that the footage from the camera will eventually get overwritten and lost until and unless you save it to another device. While on the contrary, the new-age surveillance system installation in Orangeville saves you from all the hustle of transferring data from one system to another with more storage capacity.

3. Motion Or Night Vision Capabilities May Be Compromised

The new security cameras manufactured by the security camera company come with many new features such as better motion detection, zooming, night vision, wide-angle viewing, and much more, thus increasing your security against many threats. Most of the old camera systems lack all these features, and thus your security is compromised as they won’t be able to provide 24/7 monitoring.

4. Water Damage Caused To The Cameras By Poor Weatherproofing

Typically, the old security systems were not waterproofed; thus, they were more susceptible to water damage when exposed to rain, snow, or other weather adversities. Gradually water seeps into the system and causes it to malfunction, compromising the quality of the footage. The installation of security cameras in Whitby comes with an already-installed waterproofing shed protecting the camera from all kinds of weather damage.

5. Out-of-date Firmware May Have Fewer Options

Old analog security camera systems may lack many options in the standard modern I.P. systems, like remote accessibility or the ability to integrate with access control systems and alarms. Moreover, the old camera systems with outdated firmware are vulnerable to problems like signal hijacking or the non-availability of firmware updates for the old systems, which means they will no longer work on the latest recording system.

Protect Your Property From Threats With Security Camera Installation!

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